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10 Famous History & spiritual Urdu Novel Our Youth Must Read

Pakistan is a rich country for fiction words. Pakistan Urdu writers have magnificent deep thoughts for writing. Pakistan Urdu fiction history has written countless novels and other parts of fiction which are been appreciated all over the world. There is no any genre left which our writer have not written or worked. Pakistani Writer has written English books and has done translations as well.

Pakistan novelists have written about several genres such as Romanticism, realism, socialism, communism, feminism, religious, sexual genre. They have written as well about death, about the secret of hell and heaven. Urdu writer’s creative imagery level is ever best and appreciated.

Very famous Urdu writer Daud Kamal which is included in course of M.A student studies is a poet and novelist. His describing imagery of hell and death pain in his poem an Ode to Death is appreciated by all over the world writer associations.  He was the great poet and won the awards and medals for this poetry although he was a translator and novelist as well.

Here are best top rated 10 famous novels that our youth should read.

  1. Zindagi Gulzar hai.

Zindagi Gulzar hai NovelThe novel and now a drama serial “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” are written by Umera Ahmed. She is the best-renowned novelist and top one in current writers list. She got not only fame in novels readers’ society but now most famous TV channels like ARY, GEO and HUM are broadcasting his novels for their drama serials. It is not possible if you are reading the Umera Ahmed novels and her words do not across from your heart. She has a magical power in her words that give a thunder thoughts for hidden facts of life to the reader.

Zindagi Gulzar hai is just like above detail is motivational novel especially for women and young girls of our society. Her style of presenting hardworking and pain to be successful in this novel always touch girls to make her motivational in her life. This novel and Drama have won various awards for scripts, casting and for number one rating in serials.


akhri marka by naseem hijaziThe Novel is written by the great legendary Pakistan’s historical writer Naseem Hijazi. He is a historical writer who had a great love for Pakistan history makers. His Novel AKHRI MARKA (The Last Battle) is a historical and well-inspired novel to youth and especially Pakistan lovers. This novel is about the assaults of India by Mahmud of Ghazni.





AKHRI CHATTAN by naseem hijaziThe novel again was written by Naseem Hijazi another historical novel. As you historical novel reboots the love of youth for their country and for the martyrs of a country who worked hard and served their whole lives for the development of a country and their country people. AKHRI CHATTAN is as well on of that novel. It is about the Siege of Jerusalem; Saladin (Lion of Islam) captures Jerusalem from the Crusaders and also has stories about Fall of Baghdad.




SHAHAB NAMAThe best book ever for youth. The Shahab Nama is the biographical book of Qudrat-Ullah Shahab. He was the Civil servant, a great author and well known as s spiritualist as well. Ibn-e-Insha who was also a greatly influenced writer of Pakistan forced him to write his life history book as Shahab Nama. Some famous respectful writers as Bano Qudsia and Ashfaq Ahmed helped him to arrange his biographical book. People said, If a younger read this full book in his initial life then he will no need to get pushed for his balanced spiritual life. A great book that every youngster should read.



LABBAIK novelAn autobiographical novel by Mumtaz Mufti. It is a religious attempt. Mumtaz wrote about his journey to Pilgrimage with Qudratullah Shahab and Iffat Shahab.  He describes his religious and spiritual experience which only a spiritual person can understand. His style of writing will take you to his journey in mind. I can say for it a beautiful journey to ALLAH’s House (KABA).




  1. Aur Talwar Toot Gai

aur talwar toot gai by naseem hijazi pdfOne more historical novel by historical Urdu Writer Naseem Hijazi. This novel is about Anglo-Mysore Wars, about the Era of Tipu Sultan. He was the great warrior of history. He was the Brave who made the thunder in non-Muslim peoples. It is again the great history motivational novel for Pakistan Youth.




  1. Dastan-e-Mujahid

Dastan-e-MujahidThe Novel’s author is Naseem Hijazi the great historical writer. Dastan-e-Mujahid (The Tale of the Fighter) is about the Arab-Ummayad Caliphate Muslim Conquest. The brief history and aims of Singh, Central Asia, and Maghrib fight.




  1. Pakistan se Dyaar-e-Haram tak

Pakistan se Dyaar-e-Haram tak by naseem hijazi pdfA religious travelogue novel Pakistan Se Diyare Haram Tak (From Pakistan to Makka). an autobiographical novel by Naseem Hijazi. He wrote his experiences and fundamental creative thoughts about the travelogue from Pakistan to Makka.




  1. Raja Gidh

raja gidh by bano qudsiaThis is another great motivational example for youth. A lesson for a better, successful and philosophical life. The points, thoughts, and philosophies described in this novel are not easily understandable. The novel was written by Pakistan’s most eminent spiritual writer Bano Qudsia the great.




  1. Dunya Gol Hain

Dunya Gol HainThe best learner’s novel “Dunya Gol Hey” is written by author Ibn-e-Insha. He is the best of poets and writers of his generation. The words of Ibn-e-Insha still have the power to make a hole in hearts. He was the great poet, columnist, and humorist. His novel Dunya Gol Hey is full of scenes and stories for youth generations. The proses from this novel still people use to give an example of wisdom.




The list of novels mentioned and described here are the best of history, spiritualism, wisdom, inspirations and motivations for youngsters. Pakistan Urdu Literature has the collection which can rotate and measure the minds again. Some of these as Shahab Nama, Dunya Gol Hai, Labbaik, Dastan-e-Mujahid and Aur Talwar toot gay are the novels which I inspired mostly. If you are a student of M.A or M.Phil you must have listened to these novels examples from your teachers. and it is true that people gave examples to read Shahab Nama if you want to get the real meaning of your Islamic life.

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