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Download Sunan Abu Dawud in Pdf Format.

Sunan Abu Dawood is a book of Hadith collected by Abu Dawud. Abu Dawud compiled 21 books related to Hadith. The traditions in Sunan Abu Dawud are divided in three categories. First one that are mention in Bukhari and/or Muslim. 2nd traditions are those which fulfill the conditions of Bukhari or Muslim. At this juncture, it should be remembered that Bukhari said, “I only included in my book Sahih Bukhari authentic traditions, and left out many more authentic ones than these to avoid unnecessary length”.

Sunan Abu Dawud also translated into many languages, but in this post I give you a Urdu version of Sunan Abu Dawood in Pdf Format.

Download Sunan Abu Dawud in Pdf Format.

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Sunan-Abu-Dawud Vol-1 Sunan-Abu-Dawud Vol-2 Sunan-Abu-Dawud Vol-3.a Sunan-Abu-Dawud Vol-3.b

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